• Marko confident that Honda will outpace Renault in 2019

    Il y a 8 mois - Par F1i

    Red Bull motorsports consultant Dr Helmut Marko is convinced that the team's decision to part company with Renault and join forces with Honda in 2019 is the right move.
    "I'm sure we'll be ahead of Renault next year," Marko told Red-Bull owned television station Servus TV this week.
    "Renault doesn't have the current engine package under control. They don't have the performance at the level of Mercedes or Ferrari," he continued. "And it also hangs on the reliability.
    "We have lost faith in Renault," he admitted. "At Renault, we were just a paying customer. We have been treated fairly, but of...
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  • Sainz denies he was forced out of Red Bull by Verstappen

    Sainz denies he was forced out of Red Bull by Verstappen

    Il y a 8 mois - Par F1i

    Carlos Sainz insists that joining McLaren in 2019 is the right move for him - and says he didn't believe rumours that his way to the Red Bull race seat had been blocked by Max Verstappen.
    Media reports suggested that the Dutch driver had vetoed Sainz as a prospective team mate after Daniel Ricciardo announced that he was off to Renault. The pair had previously raced alongside each other at Toro Rosso.
    But Sainz said such suggestions were absurd.
    "I don't know where that comes from, because Max is one of the drivers I have the best relationship with in the paddock," Sainz told Dutch...
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