• Russell reveals one area where Kubica had an edge in 2019

    Il y a 9 mois - Par F1i

    George Russell had the measure of Robert Kubica at Williams in his rookie F1 year, but the young Brit admits he was often outdone by the Pole in one specific area.
    Russell and Kubica entered 2019 with very different ambitions. The former was focused on learning his trade in his freshman year while the latter was out to prove to himself and to his detractors that he still had the ability to compete at the highest level despite an 8-year forced absence from the sport.
    However, the two drivers shared a common goal: to beat each other!
    With a 100% success rate over Kubica in qualifying...
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  • F1 teams unanimously vote against Pirelli's 2020 tyres!

    F1 teams unanimously vote against Pirelli's 2020 tyres!

    Il y a 9 mois - Par F1i

    Formula 1's 2019 tyres will be retained next season after a plan to introduce a new-spec tyre developed by Pirelli was unanimously rejected by the sport's teams.
    Pirelli's mandate for next year called for F1's exclusive tyre supplier to develop less degrading compounds that also offered a wider working range in terms of temperatures.
    After the Italian manufacturer conducted a series of tests, teams were offered an opportunity to sample the 2020 rubber in free practice at Austin last month.
    Pirelli to boost tyre pressures to cope with Zandvoort banking
    However, widespread negative feedback...
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  • Kvyat: '2019 in line with one of my best years in F1'

    Kvyat: '2019 in line with one of my best years in F1'

    Il y a 9 mois - Par F1i

    Daniil Kvyat feels his 2019 season with Toro Rosso has made him a better driver than he's ever been in his disrupted F1 career.
    Kvyat was promoted to F1 by Red Bull in 2014, a year during which he learned his trade with Toro Rosso before stepping up to Red Bull Racing in 2015.
    That year, the Russian outscored teammate Daniel Ricciardo but also gained a reputation for getting himself in trouble when racing wheel-to-wheel with his rivals.
    Albon shed rookie feeling after Red Bull promotion
    Despite a podium finish in China in 2016, Kvyat was sent back to Faenza after three races by Red Bull...
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