• Formula 1 scraps 2021 tyre blanket ban

    Il y a 7 mois - Par F1i

    Tyres will remain warm and snug in their blankets in 2021, with F1 postponing a ban on the devices that was expected to accompany the introduction of 18-inch wheels.
    The loss of tyre blankets was seen by Pirelli and the teams as an added technical challenge for 2021, when the sport transitions to its new-spec wheels and tyres.
    To ease the changes, Pirelli has successfully argued in favour of a tyre blanket delay.
    "In 2021 we have big changes", Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola told Motorsport.com.
    "We have a new car, a new aero package, we have new tyres, a new size and so on. The idea is to...
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