• F1 begins quest to become Net Zero Carbon by 2030

    Il y a 7 mois - Par F1i

    Formula 1 has announced a comprehensive sustainability plan and green campaign that will lead to the sport having a net zero carbon footprint by 2030.
    The environmental endeavor is the result of F1 and the FIA working closely together with sustainability experts in the past twelve months to deliver an achievable plan targeting a reduction of the sport's emissions.
    The initiative, which also involves F1 teams, race promoters and partners, will include the cars and on-track activity as well as all on-site and peripheral operations linked to the sport.
    Six years after the advent of the...
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  • F1 - La Formule 1 vise la neutralité carbone

    F1 - La Formule 1 vise la neutralité carbone

    Il y a 7 mois - Par Sport Auto

    La Formule 1 a annoncé sa volonté d'atteindre la neutralité carbone en 2030. Le championnat veut réduire et compenser ses émissions de gaz à effet de serre.
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